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California Bill Would Bar Landlords From Using Immigration Status Against Tenants

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — A California proposed law seeks to protect undocumented immigrants from harassment, at home. Across the state, tenants claim their landlords are threatening them with a call to immigration authorities if they don’t agree to be evicted quietly. Now the Immigrant Tenant Protection Act, making its way to the senate floor, would make it illegal for landlords…

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10 top tips for finding tenants

The single biggest mistake you can make in property investment is buying the wrong property. The next one – and by far the most common – is getting the wrong tenants to live in it. If you have the wrong tenant in your property, your life as a landlord can be hell. The right tenant,…

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Single-Family Rents Remain Strong—For Now

The business of renting single-family homes has blossomed in recent years with large players buying swaths of vacant homes and with homebuyers often sitting on the sidelines over the past few years. Fundamentals have been strong, particularly with vacancy rates at low levels. But one hitch could be too much new rental housing development competing…

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The upside and downside of becoming a landlord in retirement

I used to listen to your radio show in Atlanta when I was working. I’m now retired and I am concerned about my investments. I have no confidence in the U.S. economy. I have roughly $1 million saved up in an investment account. I own my home free and clear and have no other debts….

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6 Tips To Being a Great Landlord

As silly as this may sound, this quote is very applicable to landlords and even to property owners. You have to face a lot of demands, create lease agreements, screen tenants, market rentals, evict poor tenants, and much more. Landlords are more than just property owners. Don’t worry. Despite the fact that it may sound…

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Building Equity With Low-Cost Rental Properties

Real estate investing is one of the best ways to create long-term success and build wealth. However, it does have the significant downside of being a business with a high capital threshold needed for entry. For potential investors with only moderate amounts of capital to invest, the options are somewhat limited, especially when it comes…

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Perks Student Renters Look for in an Apartment Community

When college students start searching for and looking at off-campus housing options, they consider more than just rental rates, proximity to campus, and neighborhood safety. Now more than ever, student renters look for extra perks and amenities that apartment communities offer, wanting to get the most benefits included in their lease. To entice more college…

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How to Handle Service Pet Policies without Discriminating Part II

Let’s start the discussion and analysis with a hypothetical fact pattern discussed in Part I of this article last week: Tenant Victor wants to have a service dog in his apartment. You are the resident manager of a mid-sized apartment complex of 50 units. Your property management company has a “no pet policy” in the apartment complex….

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