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Best San Jacinto Property Management

Best San Jacinto Property Management

Best San Jacinto Property Management – San Jacinto is a Beautiful Investment

San Jacinto, named after St Hyacinth, is a city in Riverside County.  Founded in 1870 and incorporated as a city on April 9, 1888, San Jacinto is one of the county’s oldest communities. Its history dates back to the times when ranchers and farmers developed and served the community’s needs. The Estudillo family was granted acres of land that formed part of modern-day San Jacinto. Francisco Estudillo—the city’s first postmaster and second mayor—built a mansion which is now preserved as a historic site and tourist attraction—the Estudillo Mansion.

The city of San Jacinto is proud of its past and has several places of interest that showcase the history and heritage of the city. The Estudillo Heritage Park and Water Conservation Education Garden showcases the best of natural history and Southern California’s foliage. Or one can visit the San Jacinto Museum for an insight into the city’s past.

There is also a memorial to veterans at the city’s Druding Park where each army branch has an equipment artifact used by its members to symbolize its service – a tank for the Army, a propeller for the Air Force, an anchor for the Navy, a lighthouse for the Coast Guard, and soon, a howitzer for the Marine Corps.

The city offers plenty of options for recreation and entertainment. In San Jacinto, you will never get bored with its many dining and shopping venues. There are a number of restaurants, shopping centers, a casino, cinemas and sports venues to choose from.
San Jacinto is a beautiful city with a rich past and a vibrant present. It is an ideal place to live and work in.

Property Investment in San Jacinto

Investing in property in San Jacinto is a good decision right now. Market trends indicate an increase of $25,000 (11%) in median home sales over the past year and predictions point to a 5.4% increase within the next year. Median rent price in San Jacinto is $1,325, lower than the median in Riverside Metro of $1,895.  This is favorable for those looking for more affordable rents. Those who own rental properties can take advantage of this to maximize the earning potential of their investments.
Your property in San Jacinto may be one of your most important investments. Protect your investment while maximizing its earnings by engaging the services of RRI Property Management, the best San Jacinto property management company in the area. You can be sure that you and your property will be in the right hands.

Why Trust RRI Property Management?

Owning a rental property is rewarding but comes with its own set of challenges. Marketing the property, tenant screening, rent collection and property maintenance are some of the things you need to attend to as a rental property owner. And it could get stressful. RRI Property Management, with years of experience in the industry, provides the best San Jacinto Property Management services. When you engage our services, you can expect to enjoy the following:

Quality Tenants.  We will match you up with tenants who will pay their rent on time, rent the property long term and treat your property with care.  Through our time tested TENANT SCREENING process, we guarantee candidates who will cause minimal amount of damage, stress and problems. The screening includes a CRIMINAL BACKGROUND check along with a CREDIT and EVICTION check.

Legal Matters … no problem. As professionals, we stay abreast with landlord-tenant laws. We will help you with such matters as tenant screening laws, safety conditions related to your property, eviction laws and procedures, inspection regulations, leasing laws and addendums, lease termination laws and procedures, security deposit requirements and rent collecting and late fee regulations.

Tenant Satisfaction.  Keeping your tenants satisfied will ensure long term rentals. High tenant turnover means two things – lost rent and more seriously, the expensive and time-consuming process of a turnover. Having your property constantly vacated also mean having to go through the process of having it “show worthy” constantly. Deep cleaning, changing of locks, repainting and even minor repair expenses add up and subtract from your earnings.

RRI Property Management will ensure that your property is well maintained and your tenant’s concerns are addressed promptly so they remain satisfied.

On Time Rent.  We guarantee that you will GET YOUR RENT ON THE 1st. We have a Guaranteed Rent Program ensuring that the rent is on time all the time. We make sure that rent collection is efficient. And if payments are late, we do the follow up for you. If warranted, we will also initiate the eviction process if there are violations to the terms of the lease.

You do not deal with problematic tenants. This is one of the perks when you engage the services of RRI Property Management, the best San Jacinto property management.  And this alone is money well spent.

We Help You Increase the Value of Your Investment.  As your property manager, RRI Property Management will help you with the following:

  • Market your property. We will ensure that it is marketed at the right channels so it gets rented quickly and at the best price.
  • Improve and prepare the property for rent – We will suggest and oversee cosmetic improvements that maximize revenue.
  • Help you determine the best rent rate – We have access to the right information and rental rate tools. The final decision is ultimately still yours but we equip you with valuable input so you come up with the best rent rate.
  • In addition, we have systems in place that catch and deal with potential maintenance and repair issues early so that your property is always well maintained.
  • We also give you suggestions on how you can improve and upgrade your property which will affect the rent you can charge, and impact your property’s insurance.

Because we have an in-house maintenance staff, as well as a network of licensed, bonded and insured contractors that you can contact for any upgrades or repairs to your property, you get substantial savings on repair and maintenance costs.

Be a wise investor and make the most out of your investment property. Let RRI Property Management handle it for you. You can be sure that you will be availing of the best San Jacinto property management you will ever have or need.


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