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Best Menifee Property Management

Best Menifee Property Management

Best Menifee Property Management – Menifee Offers Good Value

The city of Menifee is a fast growing community consisting of Sun City, Quail Valley and portions of Romoland. It lies approximately 30 miles southeast to the city of Riverside. It is a fairly new city having just been established October 1, 2008.

But the area upon which the city stands has a long, rich history. It was originally occupied by the Luiseño and Pechanga indians. It came under the control of the Spaniards in 1700 and by 1850, it was annexed into the United States from Mexico when California became a state. During this time, farming was the main industry in the area. However, it turned its focus on mining when Luther Menifee Wilson discovered a significant deposit of quartz. It was from this mining operation that the present area derive its name.

The first housing development in the city began in Sun City 1960 when it was envisioned to be a retirement community. Further growth was experienced in 1989 with the establishment of the master-planned community of Menifee Lakes. To this day, it continues to develop and is now one of the fastest growing communities in California. The city has a wide variety of communities with Quail Valley offering semi-rural living while Romoland offers a good mix of residential and commercial development.
With its continued growth and development, many people are buying properties in Menifee as investments. Property prices are also on the rise and now is a good time to buy. Menifee market trends indicate an increase of $16,000 (5%) in median home sales over the past year. The average price per square foot for this same period rose to $165, up from $146. Median rent prices are up from same period last year from $1,700 to $1,800 this December.

Make Your Investment Worthwhile

A property that is appreciating in value is a very sound investment. Renting it out and keeping it rented will maximize its value for you.

On the flipside, though, a rental property investment can pose several challenges.  Finding the right kind of tenants who will take care of your property and who will pay rent on time can be stressful.

Add to this the many tasks associated with renting out a property – having it move in ready, maintenance issues and keeping up to date with tenant-landlord laws are just some of the concerns that a rental property owner has to contend with.
Those who have had experience in rental properties would advise engaging the services of a good property manager to help you make the most of your investment. It may seem like an added expense but the long term benefits cannot be discounted. Afterall, your investment property is one of the biggest investments you may ever make and it pays to protect it.  RRI Property Management provides the best Menifee property management.

We Take Care of Your Investment

Our company, RRI offers the best Menifee property management services. Why stress over renting out your property when you can entrust it all to us?  What can you expect when you engage our services? Here’s our guarantee:

  1. Top value for your rental property. We help you determine the best rent rate using our knowledge of local market and rental rate tools.
  2. We employ very best and most efficient tenant screening process. Improper screening could result to bad tenants (and plenty of headache) and could shave dollars off your profit from your rental property.  Our thorough process includes criminal background checks along with credit and eviction checks.
  3. Our team of property management experts is certified.  Our record is backed by 10 years experience in property management.
  4. We ensure that you get your  rent on time under our Guaranteed Rent Program. We even go as far as guaranteeing that you get your rent on the 1st of the month. That’s how seriously we take our job.

What are the Options Available for You to Choose From?

At RRI Property Management,  we offer several services to choose from:

One Time Tenant Placement. This comprehensive service goes beyond just tenant screening and includes: Installation of  sign and lockbox, advertising of the property, showing of the home to qualified applicants, processing of applicant’s paperwork, visual inspection (taking pictures of property) and collection of  1st month’s rent, deposit, etc.

Monthly Service.  This service includes the above service and in addition has other add on services such as rent payment remittance through wire transfer or check, rental financial log, recommendation for improvements to maximize rent, maintenance service requests relayed to you as the owner, etc.

Premium Service. This, likewise, includes one time tenant placement plus expanded services added to the above monthly service such as performance of yearly safety and health inspections, vendor coordination, handling of All income and expenses associated with the property, monthly drive by with photos of the home and accounts payables.

With three options,  you are allowed the flexibility to choose  what suits your particular situation and budget.

Maximize the income potential of your investment property by renting it out and have it stress free.

Call RRI Property Management to provide you the best Menifee property management services. Call us at  1-951-696-9090 or 1-800-435-8013 (Toll free).


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