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Reliable Management: Managing Your Investment

Best Hemet Property Management

Best Hemet Property Management

Best Hemet Property Management – Investing in the City of Hemet

Hemet is a city in the San Jacinto Valley in Riverside County and shares the valley with neighboring San Jacinto City. The city is known for being the home of The Ramona Pageant, California’s official outdoor play. Started in 1923, the play is one of the longest running outdoor plays in the United States. It runs for three consecutive weekends in April and May and has a cast of more than three hundred composed mostly of local residents and amateur actors.

During WWII, Hemet served as home to the Ryan School of Aeronautics which trained over 6,000 pilots for the Army Air Force between 1940 to 1944. Today, the site on which the flight school was is now known as the Hemet Ryan airport.

In the 1960’s, the country’s very first mobile home subdivision – Sierra Dawn, was put up in the city.  Not long after,  other mobile home parks, as well as, retirement housing developments soon followed suit.

Hemet became identified as a retirement community. However, it is not totally the case today. The city has a diverse population because people are attracted to the area’s affordability and the convenience it affords in terms of location. It is near employment centers including Corona, Riverside and San Bernardino. Though still popular as a retirement destination, there are many young families calling Hemet their home.

Hemet’s real estate market is thriving with median sales prices up by 14% from last year. Median sales price for homes is at $215,000 and median rent per month is at $1,300. This is good news for property owners and advantageous to those who have invested in rental properties in Hemet.

Maximize Your Investment Property Potential

A property purchased as an investment can be a profitable undertaking. But only if you rent it out and keep it rented to maximize your investment. And this is where the challenge lies.

Marketing your property, showing it to prospective tenants, even the tenant screening process can prove to be too much for some property owners. Add to this rent collection, dealing with tenant concerns and upkeep of your property. All these can leave you overwhelmed. And what if you get a bad tenant? This does not only mean a big headache, it could also be a costly mistake

Experienced real estate investors know that the best way to deal with all these is to engage the services of a good property manager. Our company, RRI Property Management provides the best Hemet property management services in the city.

Best Hemet Property Management

What Are the Advantages of Having RRI as Your Property Manager?

Quality Tenants.  An experienced property management company such as RRI have a stringent screening process so only prospects that can pay their rent on time, rent your property for a longer period of time, treat your property with respect and will cause minimal amount of stress and problems are allowed on your property.


The Legalities. There are so many federal, state and local laws that you must adhere to when it comes to investment property rentals. Instead of trying to keep up with them as they continuously change, RRI,  providing the best Hemet property management services, will help you with legalities such as:

  • Tenant screening laws
  • Safety conditions related to the property
  • Eviction laws and procedures
  • Inspection regulations
  • Leasing laws and addendums
  • Lease termination laws and procedures
  • Security deposit requirements
  • Rent collecting and late fee regulations

Tenant Satisfaction. Just as a tenant have an obligation to pay rent and treat your property with respect, you, as the rental property owner have the obligation to keep your tenant satisfied and address his concerns quickly. We can do this for you. We will keep your tenant happy to avoid the problem of high tenant turnover – a very time consuming and costly process.

Rent Collection. With RRI Property Management, we guarantee that you will get your rent on time. We also spare you the trouble of dealing directly with your tenant. We will collect, follow up payment and if necessary initiate the eviction process if the there are violations to the terms of lease.

Increase the Value of Your Investment.  We do all of the above and more by helping you increase the value of your investment. How?  We do this by:

–     Market your property effectively

–     Improve and prepare your property for rent

–     Help the best rent rate for your property

–     Help with preventive maintenance and improvement of your property

So Why Choose RRI?

  1. We PRIDE ourselves on getting each of our owners TOP, TOP, TOP value for their rental!!!
  2. We offer the very best and most efficient TENANT SCREENING possible! Our screening includes a CRIMINAL BACKGROUND check along with a CREDIT and EVICTION check!
  3. Our Property Management Team is CERTIFIED!! We bring 10 years of Property Management Experience to the table!
  4. GET YOUR RENT ON THE 1st!! We offer a program to our owners to make sure the rent is on time!!!

If you are looking for the best Hemet property management services, call RRI Property Management at  1-951-696-9090 or 1-800-435-8013 (Toll free).