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Reliable Management: Managing Your Investment

Best Canyon Lake Property Management

Best Canyon Lake Property Management

Best Canyon Lake Property Management

Canyon Lake – A Great Place to Own a Rental Property

The picturesque city of Canyon Lake is not only made distinct because of its beauty; it is set apart from many other cities in Riverside County because it is one of just five fully-gated cities in California.

Originally planned and built to be a weekend retreat community by the Corona Land Company, the city has attracted both young families, retirees and people who have found it an ideal place to work and live in. Many people find Canyon Lake a great place to settle in because of its growing job base, a variety of housing choices to choose from and excellent choice of schools. Residents enjoy a great quality of life with many amenities such as a golf course, an equestrian center, beaches, parks and a lodge.

There are many beautiful homes around the Lake and the real estate market in Canyon Lake is thriving. Median sales prices of homes are at or above $366,500 and median rent per month is $2,150.


Have a Canyon Lake Rental Property as an Investor?

Consider a Property Manager

If you are lucky enough to own a property that you bought as an investment in Canyon Lake, renting it out and more importantly, keeping it rented will maximize your investment dollars.  There are, however, certain challenges that come with this.

What are the things to consider when renting out your property? For one, it needs to be marketed properly. Finding high quality tenants who are thoroughly screened takes time. And once your property is rented, rent collection and tenant satisfaction are things you need taken care of.

Experienced real estate investors know that the best way to go about this is to enlist the services of a good property management company. At RRI Property Management,  you can bank on our years of experience to give you the best Canyon Lake property management services.


The Best Canyon Lake Property Management

How Will RRI Property Management Help You?

Quality Tenants.  

We offer the very best and most efficient TENANT SCREENING possible! Our screening includes a CRIMINAL BACKGROUND check along with a CREDIT and EVICTION check!

Our trained eyes know what to look for when screening tenant candidates to welcome to your property. With our experience, we will match you up with tenants who pay their rent on time, rent the property long term, treat your property with care and ultimately, cause minimal amount of damage, stress and problems.  

We Take Care of the Legalities.

At  RRI Property Management, we  make sure we stay current with regard to landlord-tenant laws. We will help you with legal matters such as tenant screening laws, safety conditions related to your property, eviction laws and procedures, inspection regulations, leasing laws and addendums, lease termination laws and procedures, security deposit requirements and rent collecting and late fee regulations.

We Ensure Tenant Satisfaction.  

High tenant turnover equates to two things – lost rent and more seriously, the expensive and time-consuming process of a turnover. Constantly having your property vacated and rented out again also means constantly going through the process of having it “show worthy” –  deep cleaning, changing of locks, repainting and perhaps minor repairs. This could get costly.

RRI Property Management will ensure that your property is well maintained so your tenants are satisfied. We further ensure that your tenant’s concerns are addressed quickly.

We Make Sure Your Rent Is On Time.  

At RRI Property Management, we guarantee that you will GET YOUR RENT ON THE 1st! We offer a program to our owners to make sure the rent is on time. Because this is our job, we make sure that rent collection is efficient. We will make sure that your tenants pay on time and if needed, follow up if they are late. If warranted, we will also initiate the eviction process if there are violations to the terms of the lease.

You are spared the headache of dealing directly with tenants who may haggle or give endless excuses or promises. This alone will make using RRI Property Management, the best Canyon Lake property management services, worthwhile.

We Help You Increase the Value of Your Investment.  

As your property manager, RRI Property Management will help you with the following:

  • Market your property. We know the best most effective places and ways to market your property to get it rented quickly for the best price.
  • Improve and prepare the property for rent – We will suggest and oversee cosmetic improvements that maximize revenue.
  • Help you determine the best rent rate – Determining the optimal price requires knowledge of the local market, data on recently rented comps, and access to rental rate tools. Of course, the decision is yours, but we can provide valuable input because we know the local market well.
  • In addition, we have systems in place that catch and deal with potential maintenance and repair issues early so that your property is always well maintained.  
  • We also give you valuable input on how you can improve and upgrade your property which will affect the rent you can charge, and impact your property’s insurance.

You also gain significant savings on maintenance costs because we have an in-house maintenance staff, as well as a network of licensed, bonded and insured contractors that you can contact for any upgrades or repairs to your property.

Make the most of your investment property by letting RRI Property Management handle it for you. We guarantee the best Canyon Lake property management you will ever have or need.

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