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  1. We PRIDE ourselves on getting each of our owners TOP, TOP, TOP value for their rental!!!
  2. We offer the very best and most efficient TENANT SCREENING possible! Our screening includes a CRIMINAL BACKGROUND check along with a CREDIT and EVICTION check!
  3. Our Property Management Team is CERTIFIED!! We bring 10 years of Property Management Experience to the table!
  4. GET YOUR RENT ON THE 1st!! We offer a program to our owners to make sure the rent is on time!!!

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Here’s why you could have property tax liens in your portfolio

Bennie Smith Jr. was looking for a way to build his wealth quickly when he bid on two property tax liens in Decatur, Illinois. He bought one on a vacant home in his former neighborhood for about $5,000 and another on a vacant lot for $600. His plan was to take over the properties if…

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Question of the week

Question: I served my resident a 30-Day Notice of Termination of Tenancy on the 15th of the month. My resident says I have to wait until the end of the month to serve the notice, is that correct? Answer: No. Under California law, either party can serve an appropriate 30-Day Notice of Termination of Tenancy…

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Micro-Unit Trend Spreads to Smaller Markets

Workers are building a new community of micro-apartments in Austin, Texas. The 138 units at Indie Apartments will range from 350-sq.-ft. studios to 520-sq.-ft. two-bedroom apartments. “Micro-units are spreading to secondary markets, but I would say slowly,” says Ty Puckett, executive vice president at Transwestern Development Co. Transwestern is currently building the Indie Apartments in…

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