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  1. We PRIDE ourselves on getting each of our owners TOP, TOP, TOP value for their rental!!!
  2. We offer the very best and most efficient TENANT SCREENING possible! Our screening includes a CRIMINAL BACKGROUND check along with a CREDIT and EVICTION check!
  3. Our Property Management Team is CERTIFIED!! We bring 10 years of Property Management Experience to the table!
  4. GET YOUR RENT ON THE 1st!! We offer a program to our owners to make sure the rent is on time!!!

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Landlord To Pay $20,000 To Settle Pet Discrimination Case

The owner of several Reno, Nevada apartment complexes has agreed to pay $20,000 to settle allegations pet discrimination and Fair Housing Act violations involving requiring pet deposits from prospective tenants who require assistance animals, according to a release. The Silver State Fair Housing Council filed four complaints against the owner and manager of Silver Lake Apartments,…

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Is Your Rental Ad The Reason You Aren’t Getting Calls?

I don’t think all landlords are lazy, but I’m constantly amazed by some of the rental ads I see online for rental properties. It’s like the writer took thirty seconds to put down a couple features of the property and thought they were done. News flash, you’re not. This is front and center for me…

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The 4 Types of Subtenants

When it comes to college housing, the term “sublease” is often thrown around in conversation. You may have signed up for an apartment for a 12-month lease, but find that you won’t need to inhabit the apartment during summer, spring, or winter break. Instead of paying for a space you aren’t even going to use,…

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